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VRML - Virtual Reality Modeling Language

In 1994 Marc Pesce and Tony Parisi together with developers of Open Inventor designed a draft of a description language for 3d-sceneries. In corporation with the VRML-Group the ISO/ IEC 14772-1:1997 standard was realized.

Browser Converters
  • : VRML 1 to VRML2 converter and plug-in-chooser for selecting simultaneous installed VRML-Browser in Netscape Navigator
  • : utility free of charge for converting from VRML 1 to VRML 2. IRIX, Windows95/NT
  • 3D View: converts CAD-formats (IGES, VDA-FS, STL, ISO G-Code) into VRML; price: USD 60. Windows
  • Crossroads 3D: import and export of 3D-Studio (3DS), Autocad (DXF), Truespace (COB) and VRML 1, as well as VRML 2, PovRay and also many other formats. Windows
  • Doom2Vrml2: utility free of charge for converting from Doom-files (WAD) into VRML2. IRIX, Windows95/NT
Information Plugins

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