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This is a test page representing the linked page of our countrymap. The specification for the generation are shown below. Color highlighted on the map below you will find the country (Luxembourg) you have just selected. To get to the other countries bordering Germany please use the navigation links to the left or click on the appropriate location on the map at the bottom.

Some coutry specific data to are shown at this place, too. They merely serve to complete our manifold potential in the field of map generation.


Denmark Italy The Netherlands The Netherlands :IJsselmeer Switzerland France Czech Republic Poland Austria Luxembourg Belgium Liechtenstein Sweden The Netherlands :South Denmark :Mon The Netherlands :Ameland The Netherlands :Terschelling Denmark :Als Denmark :Sjaelland Denmark :Fyn Denmark :Lolland The Netherlands :Texel The Netherlands :Flevoland Denmark :Langeland Denmark :Bornholm
  • longitude-true,
  • north-oriented projection
  • of maximum expansion by
  • 180 x 220 pixels (GIF)
  • with bordering countries,
  • transparent sea area
  • and location visualization of
  • country relevant airports
Area:2586.4 km2
Time Zone:GMT+1
Internet Domain:LU
data without warrenty

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